Thursday, 22 January 2015

Cherry Blossom Hair Pin


I made small version of hair pin Cherry Blossom from previous post.
I have listed the hair pin on Etsy in BestPeople shop.

Hair Pin Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Hair Pin
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PS. Sold in February 2015

What buyer said: "This is so beautifully made! You are on your way to becoming just as good as Sakae!"

Monday, 5 January 2015

Japanese Kanzashi Cherry Blossom.

Hello and Happy New Year.

That Hairpin has been made by request and sold on BestPeopleCa.Etsy on Dec.2014
Client sent me the picture of Sakae's hair ornament and asked if I can reproduce something similar. I have tried to do my best.

Cherry Blossom Kanzashi
Cherry Blossom Japanese Kanzashi

Cherry Blossom hairpin
Hairpin Cherry Blossom

Resin Japanese Kanzashi
Hair Pin Cherry Blossom

The hair stick made from gold plated wire and synthetic resin, hand-painted. Attached to gold plated hair fork. Petals' color may vary slightly from sparkling white to matt-white and gloss is similar to enamel. The piece is complete with the gold plated chain and Swarovski crystals to provide the special accent to the look. 
Thank you.
Alexandra /BestPeopleCa/ on Etsy -
Alexandra /BestPeopleCa/ on Flickr -
PS. Sold on December 2014

What buyer said: "The hairpins are so incredibly beautiful! Even the package looks so lovely... Thank you so much for your work! Dino."