Friday, 22 March 2019

New flower earrings for non pierced ears.

Hi, I designed new winter white earrings with silver accents. They are already sold, however, you can find a similar pair in my Etsy shop  BestPeopleCa. Made of natural white fur, beads, silver-tone frame and clear sparkling crystals.

fur earrings by bestpeopleca on etsy
White Fur earrings

Fur earrings

Below is my favorite sunny earrings. 4 gold tone flowers arranged to a small bouquet. The flowers are fully handmade. Why I like them? Comfortable, lightweight, bright, and only one pair available.
Please visit my shop to see more handmade earrings for non-pierced ears.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Forget-me-not handmade hair swirls


Just listed tender delicate forget-me-not hair swirls. 

These hair twist coils are simple and easy to use. Take spirals and spin into the hair to hold them in place, allowing just the flower to show. Spirals will take swirls in place even on the straight hairs. 
If you need them in another color just let me know. I can make them in any color.

Below a couple more items you probably will be interested in. 

Teardrop earrings with handmade black flowers.

And forget-me-not hair comb with blue flowers and tiny leaves surrounded by blue glass beads.

Thank you. and please visit my Etsy shop BestPeopleCa


Friday, 5 October 2018

Hairpin Pearl Peony. Resin Kanzashi.

Hi, I just listed beautiful Pearl Peony Hairpin. This flower is the perfect accent piece for your romantic bridal style. The chain with forget-me-not flowers could be easily removed if you prefer to wear just peony. Does not matter the way you wear hairpin, it's stand out of all wedding bridal hair accessorials. 
Please see more info here BestPeopleCa

resin kanzashi white peony

Pearl Peony Resin Kanzashi

Thank you. Alexandra.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Hair Pin Black Orchids.

I always wanted to make a black orchid flower. And it├Ęs happened! Every petal hand-sculpted and colored with black and gold-tone epoxy resin. The hairpin is lightweight.

Please see more in my etsy shop BestPeopleCa
Thank you. Alexandra

Friday, 21 September 2018

I am back to my hobby I love.

It was quite a long time since my last post.
I have tried to open my personal shop outside Etsy, but made only one sale in 8 months. So, went back to Etsy. 
In my Etsy shop BestPeopleCa one pair of earrings by now. I will add more items soon. 
Please, do not forget me. I am here. :)

Blue asymmetric earrings.

Forget-me-not Earrings. Handmade.

Asymmetric earrings. Semi-transparent. For a wedding.

Asymmetric earrings. Semi-transparent. For a wedding.
Asymmetric earrings. Semi-transparent. For a wedding.

P.S. Somebody asked me several months ago, how to make this kind of flowers, please, if you are subscribed to my blog, write me one more time. I lost your message and email. Sorry about that.

Thank you. Alexandra

Friday, 7 April 2017

Hair Pin Peony. Resin Flower.

Hello. I would like to show you my couple latest creations.  The hair pin Peony in tender creamy and gold colors. Absolutely beautiful hair accessory is for wedding or other special day. And that one-of-a-kind hair pin could be only yours. Still available in my shop BestPeopleCa on Etsy

Resin kanzashi

Resin Kanzashi

The next one is Japanese Resin Kanzashi will be available in the next week. I need to finish chain part, add leaves and swarovski crystals,  and then attach to the flower. Hope, will have time to finish that Hair Pin these weekend.

Japanese Resin Kanzashi Peony by BestPeopleCa

Thank you.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Forget-Me-Not Tsumami Kanzashi plus 3 hair swirls.


My flower garden from previous post transformed to Forget-Me-Not Tsumami Kanzashi and available on Etsy in the shop BestPeopleCa and also in my personal shop LittleCraftRoom by BetsPeopleCa.

The hair pin made from scratch by me. 30 tender blue flowers arranged into flower waterfall. 
2 gold swarovski crystals added to provide the special accent to the look. I added 3 hair swirls. You can spread them in your hairs.

I also will add to the parcel the tiny stud earrings in the same blue color as Forget-Me-Not flowers for free. 

Be Hurry if you want to buy that set. Usually these kind of hair pins sold quickly. 

Tsumami Kanzashi Forget-Me-Not BestPeopleCa

Japanese Kanzashi by Alexandra BestPeopleCa

Tiny stud earrings blue

See more stud earrings on MyTinyEarrings on Etsy

Thank you.