Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Hair Pin or Kanzashi Cream Spring Flower Waterfall


Cream Spring Flowers Waterfall Kanzashi Hairpin is One-of-a-kind hairpins, made with love and all the attention to details.

Every single flower and petal made from scratch. I used gold tone wire to sculpt tiny flowers and leafs, applied epoxy resin, and colored to sparkling cream and mint colors.
I attached flowers to thin metallic threads. The threads will be invisible on hairs. The threads do no allow the flowers to be turned around axis. It means the flowers will remain in the same position on your hairs as you can see from the picture.

The combination of fresh mint and cream colors give the sense  of spring in any period of year.

Best for long hairs. Please see my Etsy shop BestPeopleCa to find more details. (SOLD)

It's one and only hair pin in the world that will give unique and absolutely stunning look to you in a day of your special occasion.

Kanzashi Resin Flowers

Resin Kanzashi
Thank you!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hair Pin Blue-Gold Butterfly


It's my first time I made the Butterfly. 
Made from gold tone wire and synthetic resin this hair pin is lightweight. ( 9 gr. )
Hand painted in rich gradient blue color. The wings are sparkling under  artificial light or sunlight.

Available for purchasing in my Etsy shop BestPeopleCa. 

japanese kanzashi butterfly

hair pin butterfly

Thank you and come again :)
PS. Sold