Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Forget-me-not Dangle transparent resin blue earrings.


It was urgent order for daughter of my friends graduation prom night. They came to me the week ago to ask about some jewelry to match the dress they just bought. Something special, not ordinary....
They looked at my collection of ready hair pins and earrings and fall in love with Forget-me-not hair pin. 

But daughter doesn't need hair pin. She needs earrings and necklace. It was crazy busy week for me. I hand sculpted 60 tiny flowers, applied epoxy resin, painted every single flower twice, added yellow "peephole", arranged them to flowers waterfall. And I have to wait between all these steps 24 hours at least to make sure  painting and resin completely dried.

Finally I finished the necklace and earrings yesterday. I could not make good quality pictures because it was evening dark time. I don't like make pictures under artificial light but I didn't have a choice.

Daughter of my friends has looked happy and very thanked me. I am glad that somebody feels happy, even for short time.

The necklace flowers  look little bit darken that in reality. Color of earrings on the first two pictures close to the real color.

Forget-me-not transparent resin blue earrings
Forget-me-not transparent resin blue earrings

Forget-me-not transparent resin blue earrings

Forget-me-not resin blue necklace

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Transparent Spring Leafs Earrings.


OOAK earrings Spring Leafs.
Dangle Earrings Spring Leaves are lightweight earrings made by me with gold tone wire and colored ep0oxy resin. Attached to 14K earring gold hook.

handmade earrings

I designed a shape of a leaf with wire. After that I applied several colored layers using my special author's technique, creating this way the effect of a colored stained glass on one side of leaf and frosted glass on other side.

wire wrapped jewelry

The earrings are thin, strong, and lightweight.
The earrings change color intensity and appearance with the light - they could look shiny, sparkly and bright or subtle and delicate.
If light pass through the earrings they leave nice patch of light on your skin.

Thank you for interest to my artwork.
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Japanese Resin Kanzashi Forget-me-not.


New Hair Pin made by me from synthetic resin and gold plated wire.

Waterfall shaped bouquet of Forget-me-not flowers. Blue flowers on long chains look like swaying glass. They respond to every your movement.

The chains stabilised by chain connection and don't move apart.

The piece is complete with the 2 Swarovski crystals to provide the special accent to the look.

Epoxy Resin Kanzashi
Forget-me-not Hair Pin

What People say: I really think this is hair stick is such a stunning piece, I'm in love with the way how the little blossom cascades. This piece is too unique and I would feel honored to wear it for my wedding! 
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Thank you.