Monday, 24 August 2015

OOAK. Hair Ivory Hydrangea Hair Pins (set of 6).

This is a set of 6  ivory hydrangea  flower  hair pins, each about 1,5 inch  or 4 cm in diameter that could be scattered throughout your hair delicately or put together in a group of 3 for luck. 

These Hydrangea hair pins made by hand using gold plated wire and synthetic resin, hand painted to ivory tender color. Every petal is very thin however strong enough not to be damaged by falling on the floor.
The hair pin is very light weight.

These darling hydrangea are perfect for weddings and special occasions or even those days when you just want to feel special.

Handmade resin flowers
Ivory Hydrangea Hair Pins

handmade resin flower hair pins
Ivory Hydrangea Hair Pins. Handmade.

Available on Etsy in my shop BestPeopleCa

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