Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hair Pin Kanzashi Red Poppy

This is a one of a kind hair ornaments

Beautiful hair pin Red Poppy for wedding day or any other special occasion.
Many legends have been written about poppy. One of them says that when God created the earth, animals and plants, all were happy and sad at night only.
Because, despite the twinkling stars, the night scents of flowers and fluttering night butterflies, all feared, disliked her.
And then God created Sleep and dreams, so the night became desirable.
It is known that the Lord has given people free will, and in ancient times, not all have used it for good purposes. So, one person decided to kill his brother out of selfish motives. Sleep, learning of this, decided to stop him, but the sins of this man have prevented Sleep from coming nearer to him. Sleep in despair and rage drove his magic rod into the ground, and the Night revived the rod. The Rod took root and turned into a beautiful red flower, retaining its soporific properties.
Kanzashi Red Poppy


That hairpin made by hand from synthetic resin. Every petal and steam hand painted and arranged into beautiful flower. Deep red color does not prevent the petals to be transparent. 

The flower size is 2.5 inch or 6 cm in diameter.


PS. Not available for sell.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Flower Poinsettia. Hair ornament. Kanzashi.


Christmas time is almost here. And I, for sure, decided to make something…. Something that associated with Christmas and New Year. What I can make? Poinsettia…

No flower says Christmas like the beautiful poinsettia.

Hair Pin of epoxy Resin
Hair Pin Poinsettia

Hair Pin Stick
Kanzashi of epoxy Resin

Hair accessories.

The hair stick is very elegant.  It will, for sure, catch the eye.
All elements are made of epoxy resin. The flower sparkles under electric or sunlight and  changes the color from gold-red to dark-red while moving. 

Thank you for your interest in my work.
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Hair Pin Kanzashi Red Rowan


Autumn was the reason for the creation of that hair ornament.
Fall is extremely charming in Canada. A mix of colors casts a spell.  Red Maple Trees which grow only in Canada add special accents to autumn’s picture.  A mixture of bright colors (yellow, green, brown, orange) makes the  fall in Canada festive and elegant. Thinking about Russian Russia fall season, I can say, it little bit sad and tender feeling,  and for me it always has been associated with the red rowan tree. Here in Canada, Rowan tree uncommon at in the area where I live. So in honor of the Russian autumn, I decided to create this hairpin.

Rowan Berry Hair Pin
Rowan Berry Hair Pin
Hair Pin Rowan-Tree
Rowan-Tree Kanzashi Hair Pin
Hair Accessories

The leaves are made with the same technique as the flowers in the hairpin Gold Hydrangea. They are transparent and slightly change color from light green to dark green depending of the light. Berries are- Czech beads coated with gold sparkling epoxy resin.

If you would like to see more original hair ornaments please go to BestPeopleCa on Etsy

Thank you.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Kanzashi or Hair PIn 'Gold Hydrangea'

Hello everyone.                                                                                        

Let me introduce myself.

I live in Canada, but I’m originally from Russia. And, of course, I remain a Russian woman, but this is not about that. Oh, by the way, Alexandra is my name. The name is usually given to boys in Russia, however, since my father wanted a boy I ended up with it. :)

The thing is, that despite my very technical education and work with IT technologies, I love to create beautiful handmade things, and not just regular "nice things",  I love to make things that that not everyone can create. One day, stumbled upon some hair accessories made by Sakaefly (a Japanese girl or woman don’t really want to go into details) and didn’t understand exactly how she was able to make them. The questions “how was she able to make these accessories and what did she make these accessories out of?” tormented me. I ended up spending half a year searching for info off the internet, a bunch of money on a variety of materials (mainly an assortment of different wires and paints), and failing to create something appealing. After a lots of practise I managed to make something that looked quite nice in my opinion.

And, of course, this is not my first creation using this technique, but the first hair pin that I am proud of. If you are interested in the others that didn't turn out as well as this one please visit my Etsy shop, ForestTale .

So, below you can see the hairpin "Gold Hydrangea". I will not hide the fact that it is inspired by  Sakaefly’s Hairpin, although since this is my first work I ended up copying off a model. However, in the future I will try to make original works. :) 

Hairpin 'Gold Hydrangea"


Hair accessories
Hair Accessories

I added a bit of gold and orange Swarovski crystals on the "gold" chain. Pretty much everything else is made from the scratch.

Thank you for reading.

PS. The hair pin Gold Hydrangea has been sold on December 3/2014