Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hair Pin Kanzashi Red Poppy

This is a one of a kind hair ornaments

Beautiful hair pin Red Poppy for wedding day or any other special occasion.
Many legends have been written about poppy. One of them says that when God created the earth, animals and plants, all were happy and sad at night only.
Because, despite the twinkling stars, the night scents of flowers and fluttering night butterflies, all feared, disliked her.
And then God created Sleep and dreams, so the night became desirable.
It is known that the Lord has given people free will, and in ancient times, not all have used it for good purposes. So, one person decided to kill his brother out of selfish motives. Sleep, learning of this, decided to stop him, but the sins of this man have prevented Sleep from coming nearer to him. Sleep in despair and rage drove his magic rod into the ground, and the Night revived the rod. The Rod took root and turned into a beautiful red flower, retaining its soporific properties.
Kanzashi Red Poppy


That hairpin made by hand from synthetic resin. Every petal and steam hand painted and arranged into beautiful flower. Deep red color does not prevent the petals to be transparent. 

The flower size is 2.5 inch or 6 cm in diameter.


PS. Not available for sell.

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