Thursday, 11 December 2014

Hair Pin Kanzashi Red Rowan


Autumn was the reason for the creation of that hair ornament.
Fall is extremely charming in Canada. A mix of colors casts a spell.  Red Maple Trees which grow only in Canada add special accents to autumn’s picture.  A mixture of bright colors (yellow, green, brown, orange) makes the  fall in Canada festive and elegant. Thinking about Russian Russia fall season, I can say, it little bit sad and tender feeling,  and for me it always has been associated with the red rowan tree. Here in Canada, Rowan tree uncommon at in the area where I live. So in honor of the Russian autumn, I decided to create this hairpin.

Rowan Berry Hair Pin
Rowan Berry Hair Pin
Hair Pin Rowan-Tree
Rowan-Tree Kanzashi Hair Pin
Hair Accessories

The leaves are made with the same technique as the flowers in the hairpin Gold Hydrangea. They are transparent and slightly change color from light green to dark green depending of the light. Berries are- Czech beads coated with gold sparkling epoxy resin.

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Thank you.

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