Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Summer Necklace Chrysanthemum


 There is my new handmade summer necklace.
The bouquet of Chrysanthemums inspired me to create that flower.
I made the flower a month ago and had no idea how to attach it to hair pin or hair stick.
The idea come when I have tried to see how the Chrysanthemum looks like on my hair. The flower has lied on my palm and could see how the light is coming through petals leaving amazing patch of light on my skin. Yes! It will necklace, not hair pin.

Wire wrapped flower

Necklace Gold Chrysanthemum 
The petals colored in yellow-red transparent colors. The stamens made from colored epoxy resin. The flower size is 2.5 inch in diameter. The necklace is incredibly lightweight.

For sell on Etsy in my shop BestPeopleCa

Thank you for interest to my Art work.


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