Thursday, 14 January 2016

It has been busy time before Christmas.

It has been quite a busy time before Christmas.
I am so sorry to say I had to decline several custom requests to make  Hair Pins as Christmas Presents.  It take one-two week for me to make one Hair Pin. And, unfortunately, some of you have contacted me too late to be sure they are ready before Christmas.
There is one example of custom request I even had no time to make good quality pictures.

2 Hair pins. Peony in pink and purple colors.
Sold via Etsy Hair Pins Peony for Mary

Please read buyer's feedback below.

Kanzashi Resin Flowers

'Amazing craftsmanship! Very light and sturdy. I wore it to several parties and got a lot of compliments! Definitely recommended and will buy from again!'    Mary, Dec. 2015

The other hair pin you can see on the picture below is already sold too. I have experimented with painting by creating that Peony and got amazing result. The flower's petals could look like sparkling gold and red in the same time. The colors shimmer in motion and have created a magical and lively effect.

resin kanzashi hair pin peony

Thank you.

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