Thursday, 5 February 2015

Kanzashi Hair Pin Jasmine

Delicate  kanzashi Jasmine for wedding or other special event.

4 white translucent flowers arranged to a bouquet. Swarovski crystals add  special look.

The hairpin made from white enameled wire and synthetic resin, every petal hand-painted. Bouquet attached to silver plated hair fork.

Color may vary slightly from sparkling white to matt-white and gloss is similar to enamel.

Currently for sell on Etsy - BestPeopleCa

Dip it flowers
Kanzashi Jasmine

Kanzashi by BetspeopleCa
Hairpin Jasmine

Hairpin handmade Jasmine
Hair Pin Jasmine by Alexandra BetsPeopleCa

Thank you for interest to my art work.

PS. Sold on February 2015

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