Friday, 20 February 2015

The Scarlet Flower Hair Pin, Kanzsashi

That hair pin design has been inspired by Russian fairy-tale 'Alenkiy Cvetochek'. The English Name of that fairy-tale is 'The Scarlet Flower'.

Hair pin Red Flower
The hair stick The Scarlet Flower
"Once upon a time in a far away land a merchant was preparing to set out on a long journey. This merchant had three daughters, and he asked all of them what they would like as gifts for themselves when he returned from his voyage. The first daughter requested a golden crown, and the second one wanted a crystal mirror. The third daughter asked only for "the little scarlet flower"...."

The hair stick The Scarlet Flower
The Hair Pin 'The Scarlet Flower'

The Flower petals slightly transparent. They change color under the light from deep red to bright gold. The are very thin, probably 0.5mm, however they are strong enough not to be broken if will fall on the floor.
The flower is around 3.5 inch in diameter. The weight is almost nothing.

I can't decide should I attach the flower to hair fork or hair stick, so I will give the choice on my Etsy shop BetPeopleCa

P.S. Listed for sell The Scarlet Flower

Thank you for interest to my art work

PS. Sold via Etsy.

Message from buyer

"Looks just like the pic. Come with a very beautiful solid paper box and careful instructions on product care! Good buy! Fast shipping! The flower is so beautiful!   "

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